Wedding Dances

Everyone is nervous about the prospect of dancing together for the very first time as husband and wife. We will guide you to make sure that your nerves don’t get frazzled and that you will look fabulous when you step onto the dance floor.

If you have a song you both cherish, we will choreograph a dance to it. Or we can offer suggestions - a romantic waltz, a passionate tango, a fun salsa. If you're worried you may step on each other’s toes, relax. Your dance will showcase you only at your best.

And let’s not forget the Father of the Bride and the Mother of the Groom. They too may want something special. Dad may get pretty nostalgic when he looks back …”Is this the little girl I carried …” or Mom … “Is this the little boy at play …” We can teach everyone, even a fun group dance of the Wedding Party.

Years after when you are strolling down memory lane, and watching your wedding dance video, you will say –“Wow, we were good!”

As our special gift, private lessons for the Bride and Groom will be at $95 per lesson instead of the regular $105 pricing.

Please call for an appointment. (301) 881-1436


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