Capital DanceSport Championships 2017

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Congratulations to the amazing students of Avant Garde Ballroom who participated in last week-end’s Capital Dancesport Championship in Alexandria, Virginia:

* The youth students of Jennifer Fischetti-Christophel and Don Beedie who continue to blaze the trail in their American style dances;

  • Behnaz Fardshisheh who danced her heart out and successfully tackled the daunting task of multiple heats in Rhythm and Smooth with Slava and Latin with Alexey;

  • Michaela Puno who won her Senior Latin Scholarship and placed 2nd in her Senior Smooth Scholarship with Slava Sergiev;

  • Barbara Roberts who proudly won First Place in her Senior 4 dance Ballroom Scholarship and placed 3rd in the Ladies-D 5 dance Ballroom Scholarship with her teacher Alexey Peiganovich.

Your success is our success and we are mighty proud of you all. May the driving forces of dance prevail and keep you dancing forever and a day!

Bachata and Cha Cha II

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Bachata II – Six Weeks: $90

For those who have been dancing Bachata socially and are looking to extend on their Bachata social moves this is the course for you. Here we teach easily lead turn patterns, as well as extending on other more advanced techniques and styling.  We will also be introducing Club Cha Cha which is one of the latest craze in the Latin Clubs.

Bachata I

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Bachata I – Six Weeks: $90

Learn the latest dance and burn the floor!
Bachata classes are essential to becoming a well-rounded Latin dancer.
All Latin students are encouraged to attend at least this Beginner Bachata course to add to your Latin dance repertoire.
Fast, easy and fun to learn. No previous experience needed and no partner required.

Salsa Club Dancing II

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Intermediate Salsa – Six Weeks: $90

It’s time to kick it up a notch!
You’ve mastered the foundational beginner Salsa steps.  It’s time to move up and explore our Intermediate Salsa steps and the various patterns that complement them.  By expanding your fundamental techniques, you will become a more versatile dancer.  How far you go up, is all up to you.  The sky is the limit.

Beginner’s Salsa Club Dancing

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Salsa Club Dancing – Six Weeks: $90

Learn today’s hottest dance!
This dance sizzles with rhythm and movement making this dance a fun and Popular dance for beginners.
The class includes partner dance, solo free style and the basic techniques of lead and follow.
Make your next night out special!
Students will change partners frequently.
*Program does not require a partner to attend*.

West Coast Swing I

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West Coast Swing for Beginners – Six Weeks: $90

Learn the latest dance trend!
Best known in the Country/Western world but is taking over the social dance scene and is becoming one of the most popular dances for all ages.
Learn the basic patterns in WCS, defined as: Sugar Push; Left Side Pass; Right Side Pass; Tuck Turn; and Whip. Virtually all other moves in WCS are variations of these basic patterns.
It’s never too late to learn something new. Come join us!

Beginner Social Dance

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Beginner Social Dance – Six Weeks: $90

The Cruise, the Wedding, that special event; it can be a jungle out there without the right dance moves.  Beginner Social dance is a ballroom dance class offered to individuals or couples.  Designed to teach you the basics of the Foxtrot, Swing and Salsa the most popular event dances.  This class will surely get you in shape for your next special occasion. This is a beginner course
*No partner required*