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We are a premier ballroom dance studio with a team of professional dance instructors in the D.C. metropolitan area. Ideally located in Northern Bethesda, dance enthusiasts from Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC choose Avant Garde. The studio exudes elegance and positive energy. An atmosphere of friendliness pervades. Here, everyone is family.

Interested to Waltz, Tango, Salsa, Swing, Rumba, Foxtrot or Cha Cha? Our studio has it all and more.

We offer dance classes for beginners, youth, wedding couples, and driven competitors. We also have nights of fun social dancing to practice those acquired moves. Connect your mind, body, and spirit at Avant Garde.

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What we offer

Dance Lessons

Every journey begins with the first step. At Avant Garde, we teach a variety of lessons to the young and young at heart, be it private or group lessons, beginner or advanced. We go beyond basics and technique. Dance lessons are a stepping stone to life's lessons of passion, determination, and hard work.

New students! Take advantage of our INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL!

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What we offer


Memories are made of this: the beautiful bride, the handsome groom, the flowers, the wedding band, the romantic music, the tears... Everything comes together for that one memorable day. Avant Garde can make your Wedding Dance even more special.

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What we offer

Venue Rental

Our lives are filled with benchmarks of celebrations: weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, quinceañeras, baby showers, bridal showers, holiday parties, corporate meetings. Avant Garde Ballroom and Event Center is THE place to help you create memorable celebrations.

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What we offer

Social Events

"It's all about the fun, about the fun, no trouble. It's all about the fun, about the fun, no trouble." This says it all about our Beginner and Guest Parties, Friday Socials, Anniversary and Holiday Balls, Halloween and Valentine's. Our dance cruises have also proven to be a blast. Even our picnics and studio showcases are "all about the fun, about the fun!"

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What They’re Saying about Avant Garde

“Avant Garde dance studio is one of the most extravagant studios we have visited. The design of it is really different and unique, spacious ballroom allows to move on the dance floor freely even when the studio is full of dancers, which almost always is. But most of all we liked the friendly atmosphere, staff and students are really a joy to work with. Glad to know people who created this great place, where people can experience the magic of dance. ”

Galina Detkina

“My dreams became a reality when I walked into Avant Garde Ballroom and met Nick Short. His patience, great sense of humor and exquisite technique make every lesson a wonderful learning experience. He is a master teacher, caring about his students as he guides them in the beautiful world of ballroom dancing. I am challenged to become the best dancer I can be because of his masterful teaching.”

Jane Fiddler

“Avant Garde is a treasure! They have surrounded themselves with talented instructors. They regularly host world class professionals for workshops and private coaching. The staff is one of the friendliest and most welcoming. The studio has the perfect atmosphere for learning, dancing and having fun. Their special events can only be described as elegant and sophisticated.

I cannot speak highly enough of Slava. I was pretty intimidated at first but after seven years, a few medical issues, and Slava’s unending support and encouragement, I feel like I can actually call myself a dancer! His passion and dedication is incredible. Dance has become my happy place, and Wednesday’s (and now Sunday’s) are affectionately referred to as my “Slava therapy” days.

I’ve watched Slava coaching others and he has unlimited patience. Elements of a good teacher include a command and love of dance, a keen eye to observe the obstacles or problems that an individual or couple might be having, and the ability to quickly correct the issue in a constructive, concise and nurturing manner. He innately understands a student’s strengths and weaknesses and can adapt his teaching methods to suit each individual. I feel very fortunate that I lucked into the perfect teacher.”

Sharon Walker

“Avant Garde Ballroom is a class act, that I am proud to introduce. They have a beautiful facility, with very friendly instructors and support staff. My instructor, Alexey Peiganovich, is an exemplary mix of charm and world class dancer. He demands the best that is within his students, and is rewarded with improvement beyond our wildest dreams. I highly recommend that you come to the studio and give them the opportunity to help you to enjoy the wonderful world of dance.”

Barbara Roberts

“My interest has been primarily in International Ballroom but I've taken lessons in most styles over many years. You won't find more gifted, patient and effective International instructors anywhere. In fact, all their instructors have a way of quickly evaluating your specific needs to make the instruction appropriate and relevant and always making the learning experience fun.”

Charles Stanley

“Avant Garde is the best dance studio I have ever attended. My teacher explains everything so well to me. I have the best time learning new dances. Great experience.”

Benzion Rosenblum

“My husband and I decided that it would be a great idea to take some classes and have some fun. I had no expectations. I fell in love with the place, the people, and the music. We were lucky to find Don Beedie, our instructor. He is caring and professional, always greeting us with his big smile and great disposition. He has been patient with this new gal trying to learn some moves and encouraging no matter how much I messed up! We just went to our first Friday Party and we really had a blast! We have tried private classes as well as group classes and always found the instructors ready to teach, assist and have a good time. I will recommend this place to newbies as well as the experienced dancer. This is the place to be if you love dancing.”

Sonia P.

“My fiancee and I signed up for a 6 week "Wedding Ready" series that we saw advertised in the local paper. We signed up not really knowing what to expect. When we arrived for our first class I was really impressed by the studio space. It's so clean, bright and the sound system was great. We were introduced to our dance instructor, Olga Yarashevich, who immediately put us at ease. Over the 6 weeks, we learned the waltz, foxtrot and single step swing. We know sooo much more about social dancing than we did when we first walked through their doors. My fiancee and I joke that couples should forego the pre-marriage counseling and take a dance class with Olga instead! Taking the dance class series at Avant Garde has definitely brought my fiancee and I closer together.”

Nikki Washington

“I couldn't be more pleased with the outstanding coaching Ms. Jen provides to my daughter. From the first lesson to the first competition Ms. Jen has been detailed, dedicated, encouraging and loving. Her lessons go beyond the dance floor. My daughter has grown in confidence, grace, etiquette and focus. Her lessons are excellent and we are trully grateful for her amazing dedication.”

Adriana Valadares

“I have been taking dance lessons with Jennifer for more than two years, and it has been a pleasure and wonderful learning experience working with her. What I've liked so much is her patience, her knowledge, her engaging personality, and her interest in her students. I highly recommend her as a dance instructor.”

Norman Froomer

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